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What is Sharelingual
and language exchange?

Language exchange is a way for people who want to learn foreign languages ​​to study by mutually teaching each other's languages. Compared to learning methods at language schools and textbooks, you can study foreign languages more naturally and ​​easily.

With Sharelingual, you can find a language exchange partner from countries all over the world.

About Sharelingual

  • Find partners from
    all over the world
    As long as there is internet, Sharelingual can be used in all places. Therefore, you can find language exchange partners from all over the world.

  • You can learn
    safely anywhere
    Learning methods can be freely chosen from: email, telephone, video calling, and face-to-face, so you can learn with partners in a way that suits you.

  • Not only study, but
    also make friends
    You can register your occupation and hobbies to Sharelingual. It can be used not only for language study, but also for making friends.

Share your language with the world!

Search for partners for free

How It Works

  • Find a partner
    In "Partner Search", enter your mother tongue, language you want to study, language level, etc. and search for suitable partners from all over the world
  • Let's send a message
    If you find a partner candidate, click the "Hi button" and send a message immediately
  • Start language exchange
    After a reply or reaction is received, a partnership is established. Share your preferred learning methods with each other and let's start the language exchange.


  • Q.I am concerned about safety.
    A.You can register and search from the following learning methods: email, telephone, video call, and face-to-face meeting. In addition, since you can exchange messages on Sharelingual first without exchanging personal information, you can share your learning places and methods with partners, and safely and securely learn in a way that suits you.
  • Q.I'm at an elementary level in the language I want to study, will we be able to make conversation?
    A.Let's find a partner whose level is more advanced. The partner can then explain to you in your native language, thus making communication in both language exchange and conversation smoother.
  • Q.Teaching my language is too troublesome.
    A.Let's find a partner who is at a beginner level. When teaching your partner, you can teach using the language you want to learn. In other words, you will talk in the language you want to learn throughout the language exchange. Also teaching not using your mother tongue should be good training for you to master your foreign language.
  • Q.Do lesson fees or service fees apply?
    A.Sharelingual is a service that can be currently used free of charge. There is no fee for lessons, teaching materials, or for the matching service of language exchange partners.

Share your language with the world!

Search for partners for free