Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was written in standard Japanese. If there are discrepancies between the Japanese and translated versions of this privacy policy, the Japanese version will take precedence.
Except where regulated by law, this company may change this privacy policy at any time.

Article 0 Handling of Personal Information

The Dakai Company (Hereafter, “The Company”) posts this privacy policy; they will respect the privacy of people (Hereafter, “Users”) who use the site which is offered by the company and referenced by this privacy policy (Hereafter, “The Site”) and its concomitant services, pay careful attention to the management of users’ personal information (defined further on), and treat it as something to be handled properly.

The company’s basic plan when handling privacy-related information (the privacy policy) is as follows.

This privacy policy applies to all information handled by this company which may directly or indirectly identify individual users (hereafter, “Personal Data”). Among Personal Data, “Personal Information” will be considered to conform to the definition of “Personal Information” in the Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 1 Acquisition of Personal Data

The company may acquire personal data in the following situations.

  • The user enters it while operating their computer
  • The user offers it personally or in a written document
  • Data is automatically sent accompanying use/browsing of services, goods, advertisements, or content (Hereafter collectively referred to as “services”) by the user.
  • Any situation in addition to the above in which the information is legally acquired, such as receiving it from a third party who has the user’s permission to offer it

* Services are not limited to services, goods, advertisements, and content intended for individual users.

Article 2 Personal Data Use Purposes

The company may use personal data for the following purposes. They will not use it for purposes beyond these.

  • In order to offer services to suit the user
  • In response to service-related opinions and inquiries
  • In order to deliver goods, billing, and granting points
  • Providing service-related notice to users
  • In order to safely offer services. This includes discovering and reporting users who violate the usage agreement, as well, as investigating, detecting, preventing, and dealing with wrongdoing such as unauthorized access and fraud involving abuse of services.
  • Improvement of services and investigation of offering new services
  • In order to investigate and analyze service use conditions
  • In order for call centers to perform business entrusted to them
  • In order to accomplish usage-related business

Regardless of the above, when the company receives offers of personal data from third parties, if the usage purpose for that data is specially regulated, the company will use the data in accordance with those regulations.

Article 3 Consent to Offering Personal Information

Other than in situations approved by law, if the user agrees, the company may offer personal information to partners (**) and other third parties (including ones located overseas. The same holds true below).

** Partners will be defined the company’s affiliated companies (***), as well as providers of information, advertising sponsors, advertising distributors, and other cooperators.

*** Affiliated companies will be defined as it is in the Rules On Financial Statement Terminology, Style, and Drafting Methods.

However, personal information may be offered without users’ consent in the following situations, within a scope which does not violate related laws.

  • A user is judged to be causing problems for a third party.
  • It is particularly necessary in order to promote cultivation of improved public health or children’s health, and gaining the user’s personal permission would be unduly onerous
  • It is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, local public body, or someone to whom work has been consigned by such a body in accomplishing legally-regulated work, and accomplishing that work with the user’s personal permission is liable to be unduly onerous
  • Disclosure of personal information is requested by a court, the public prosecutor’s office, police, or organizations empowered by one of those groups
  • Disclosure or provision to a third party is personally explicitly requested by the user
  • Disclosure or provision of data is authorized by law
  • Personal information is offered accompanying work inherited due to a merger or other reason and it is handled within the scope of usage purposes before inheritance

Article 4 About Security

The company will handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy.
In order to appropriately handle personal data, the company will maintain internal regulations and structures and ensure the safety of information systems which process personal data. Also, in order to provide security that these security management measures are appropriately carried out, they will acquire certification for their information security management systems.
If the company consigns handling of personal information to a third party, the company will consign the work to someone who fulfills the contractor selection standards which they have set, conclude a contract with the contractor, and appropriately manage the work done by that contractor. Also, the company will only offer personal information to third parties which satisfy its prescribed selection standards and take safe management measures.

Article 5 Use of Statistically Processed Data

Based on personal information which it has been offered, the company may create statistical processing data which cannot be used to identify individuals. This company may use statistical processing data which cannot be used to identify individuals for any reason, without limit.

Article 6 Changes to Individual Information

As a general rule, only users themselves may request notice of personal information usage purposes, disclosure, correction, supplementation, or deletion of registered personal information, suspension of use, and suspension of offers to third parties (hereafter, “Changes To Personal Information”). In regard to specific methods, please consult the personal information management reference listed below. However, personal information may not be changed in the following circumstances.

  • There is liability of injury to the life, health, property, or other rights/interests of a user or third party
  • There is liability to cause severe hindrance to appropriate operation of the site
  • Other situations in which the law would be violated

Furthermore, if said change to personal information will incur large monetary costs or if carrying it out will involve a great deal of difficulty, when taking measures in place of this necessary to protect user rights/interests, user information may not be changed.

Article 7 Accuracy of Personal Information

The company will endeavor to perform data processing which maintains accuracy of provided information. However, it is the responsibility of the user to make sure the details of personal information provided are accurate and up-to-date.

Article 8 Confirmation of Personal Identity

The company, in response to requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information or suspension of usage from registered members of each service and members who use the site, will confirm identity based on information which can identify individuals (name, address, phone number, birth date, email address, member number, password, etc.). However, the company bears no responsibility if someone obtains and uses another person’s identifiable information.

Article 9 Regarding Acquisition And Use Of Attribute Information/Computer Information/Location Information/Behavioral History

Regarding Cookies in Attribute Information/Computer Information/Location Information/Behavioral History (Hereafter, “Behavioral History”)

The company uses cookies in order to protect user privacy, improve convenience, transmit advertisements, and acquire statistical data. Also, among data provided using technologies such as Cookies and JavaScript, attribute information which cannot identify an individual, such as age, sex, occupation, and region of residence (limited to that which cannot identify an individual even if combined) and computer information, user’s behavioral history on the site (access URLs, contents, and browsing order), smartphone usage time, and, based on the user’s consent/offer, location when using a smartphone may be acquired. However, absolutely no personal information is included in cookies or behavioral history.

Regarding Access Logs in Behavioral History in the Following Situations
When a user logs in and uses the site, upon identifying themselves, using their behavioral history starting before they log in, advertisement/content may be displayed or transmitted, and information may be provided. Regarding suspension of advertisement transmission, please consult our specified reference.